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Brand Symbolism

Brand Symbolism

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Brand Symbolism

Creativity: take the initial letter "HZ" of the company "Huizhong" as the theme element, the letter H deformation is robust and heavy, reflecting the company's corporate philosophy of insisting on Upright and stable operation; the letter Z is taken from the deformation of the biological gene chain, which show up we are in the biological high-tech industry. H and Z are taken from the deformation of the biological gene chain, which reflects the characteristics of the biological high-tech industry that we are in; H and Z intertwine and interact, with Z on top of H, expressing that all innovation and operation are based on compliance and legality, upright and integrity.


Color: Take Bule, which represented high technology, innovation and progress as the main color, reflecting the company's corporate image of being enterprising and constantly developing and innovating.


Line: The combination of changes in the trend line of letters has a strong sense of the times and visual impact, conveying the new image of a modern, high-tech enterprise. The overall shape of the logo is simple, dynamic, smooth and dynamic.

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