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Effective integration of innovative resources

Scientific Research Strength

Scientific Research Strength

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Pulike R&D Center compose of animal vaccine, bioengineering, animal drug research institute and scientific research management department, intellectual property department. Supporting systems includes laboratory research, pilot and production scaling research, animal experiment research, quality control system. The innovation platforms running on the company's technology R&D center include: The National Research Center for Veterinary Medicine approved by the State Ministry of Science and Technology, the Enterprise Technology Center jointly recognized by the Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Joint Engineering Laboratory for the Development of Diagnostic Reagents and Vaccines for Animal Infectious Diseases approved by the State Development and Reform Commission, the Postdoctoral Research Station approved by the State Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Henan Provincial Department of Science and Technology approved the establishment of the academician workstation for the development of veterinary drugs in Henan Province and other innovation platforms.


While relying on the above innovation platforms to adhere to independent innovation, the company attaches importance to and actively promotes integrated innovation, and has carried out extensive industry-academia-research cooperation with many famous institutions such as the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Harbin Veterinary Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Animal Disease Prevention and Control Center and China Agricultural University. The R&D center focuses on cutting-edge science and technology, oriented by market demand, aiming at the "gap" of industry technology and products and the "combination point" of national industrial policy and realistic market demand, devoting itself to the research and development of veterinary biological products, chemical drugs, high-tech preparations and Chinese veterinary drugs. The research and development of veterinary biological products, chemical drugs, high-tech preparations and Chinese veterinary drugs, focus on common and key core technologies in the development of China's veterinary drug industry, focus on improving the engineering, industrialization and open service capabilities, to enhance the overall technological progress of the veterinary drug industry and promote the healthy development of China's livestock industry to provide technical support.



Scientific research strength

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