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Effective integration of innovative resources

Industry-University-Research Cooperation

Industry-University-Research Cooperation

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Industry-university-research cooperation - effective integration of innovation resources.

At present, the center has established good cooperation with more than 20 famous research institutes at home and abroad, effectively utilizing the advantages of social research resources in R&D and technology to improve the efficiency and quality of technology and product innovation and shorten the innovation cycle; In addition, the Center has hired more than 50 industry experts to set up the Academic Committee of the National Veterinary Drug Engineering and Technology Research Center to guide the development of the Center's R&D strategy and the establishment of R&D technology paths to enhance the effectiveness of R&D.


1) Joint project and joint research.

2) T The research unit is responsible for the pre-project research, the company is responsible for the later process technology and industrialization technology research, the company pays the relevant research funds and experimental conditions, and the results are shared.

3) Introduction of technology digestion, absorption and innovation.

4) Introduction or transfer of technological achievements.


Cooperating institutions.

Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, China Institute of Veterinary Drugs Control, Nanjing Agricultural University, Sichuan Agricultural University, South China Agricultural University, SBC Corporation, USA

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