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Company Profile

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Company Profile


Luoyang Huizhong Biotech Co., Ltd. is a private high-tech enterprise located in Luoyang City Luolong High-tech Industrial Development Zone. Based on the successful operation of Huizhong Veterinary Medicine for 20 years, the company adhere to high starting point and high standard new veterinary vaccines research and development, production, and promotion.


The company relies on the National Research Center for Veterinary Medicine as its technical platform, and has a post-doctoral research station and academician workstation, leading the industry in research and development strength. The product categories cover poultry vaccines, swine vaccines and vaccines for fur animals. The company applies cell cloning technology, antigen purification and high concentration technology, genetic engineering technology, and adopts the new scientific research achievement of the national "863 plan" - the new generation of vaccine compound adjuvant technology to produce whole virus multivaccines and genetic engineering vaccines, etc. The company is a high-tech, high-standard, high-efficient and high-profile company. With the "4G"(G stand for Pinyin initial letter of character Gao, which is translated as high in the following) product strategy of high technology, high standard and high cost-effective performance, the company present superior products and service for animal husbandry industry.


Luoyang Huizhong Biotech Co., Ltd. adheres to the business philosophy of "Upright and stable operation;Innovation create the future" and is committed to become the advanced enterprise in China's veterinary biological products industry.



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